Regulate This

Complying with Federal Election Commission regulations can make some committees cranky, but rare is the one that threatens legal action if the FEC doesn’t acknowledge that it’s non-filing is, in fact, a proper filing. Let me introduce you to the American Promise PAC’s “April Quarterly report” (emphasis mine):

April Quarterly Report-

No Contributions No Expenditures

Cannot file a Form 5 as my FEC number C00513887 does not qualify. This is an official submission of my quarterly reporting requirement,  and should be considered as such.

The failure to timely acknowledge this report as the true and correct  April Quarterly Report 2/28/2012 - 3/31/2012 required for the  American Promise PAC may result in civil money penalties assessed  against the FEC. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely, Gerard Tobin Owen Drumm American Promise PAC

Go big or go home, I guess.